Digi-Utils - Digitalis Utility Pack

Digi-Utils is a Package of utilities built for multi-purposes.
It was born out of the need of several utility classes for the construction of the DIF framework and has been separated as an independent software package for other usages.

Where to start?

Digi-Utils is composed of several modules. They are listed in the left menu and are deployed separately. Each of them is properly documented and we encourage you to read it.

For a brief overview as provide a quick reference of each of them here:

Common Utils

Common Utilities is an API that provides several commonly needed utility classes.
Date, String, Numeric, Collections, Inspection and other useful utilities.

Bytecode Utils

Bytecode Enhancement Utilities is an API built to operate as a wrapper on top of bytecode enhancement APIs extending and simplifying their use.
It provides an encapsulation of the inner APIs used for easiness of evolution in the future.

Configuration Utils

Configuration Utilities is an API that provides features to save configuration to a persistent repository.
It provides repository abstraction and a helpful POJO approach to reading and writing configurations.

Document Utils

Document Utilities is an API aimed integrate Report building functionality into applications. It simplifies the task of generating reports in several formats.
Document Utilities uses JasperReports as it's base implementation adding simplification and a few new features.
iReport can be used as the UI for creating editing and testing reports.

IoC Utils

IoC Utilities is an API built to operate as a wrapper on top of IoC frameworks. It provides a unified way of accessing the IoC controller, means for trying to extend missing functionalities and insurance of abstraction of adoption of a new IoC if needed for projects built on ioc-utils.

Inspection Utils

Inspection Utilities is a set of utility classes that provide means of finding/analyzing classes and files on the class path.
It's built on top of the Java Reflection API and simplifies some of it's tasks.

LDAP Utils

LDAP Utilities is an API aimed to simplify tasks involving LDAP servers access.
Among those are identity verification and server management operations.
It provides a level of abstraction over the JNDI access method offering easier usage than the latter.

Pools Utils

Pool Utilities is an API that provides several commonly needed utility classes for Pool management. \n These pool managers can be used to manage any kind of action, by the use of specific Action interfaces or extension of provided base abstract classes.

This project is compliant with the QAG specification witch serves as a quality insurance warranty.