Parameters Reference

A list of all supported parameters of the Packager plugin

The list of parameters

sourcePackage Parameter

Indicates Packager to generate a source code package from all files in src/mail/java.



runnablePackage Parameter

Indicates Packager to generate an runnable Jar code package.



distributionPackage Parameter

Indicates Packager to generate an distribution package.



packageFileName Parameter

The file name for the zip package file to be created.

By convention when ommited it will become:

  • "${artifactId}" for source code packages.
  • "${artifactId}" for executable packages.

For custom packages this parameter is mandatory.



packageFileName Parameter

The directory where the package file will be created. Defaults to the target directory.



files Parameter

A set of files and directories to be added to the custom package.

This parameter will be ignored for conventioned source code or executable packages.