Digitalis Research and Development WebSite


This site was created by Digitalis to publish information and resources to the community involved in creating the open-source products started and hosted by Digitalis.

The number of projects is growing since the debut of this project in late 2007 and we encourage all to join us in creating quality and useful software package/projects for anyone to use.

Main Projects

We have great proud in the DIF Project. It was the driving force behind the effort that ultimately drove to the creation of this community effort. The DIF framework is the platform behind most projects at Digitalis, and is one of our greatest assets. We decided to make it open-source so it could grow larger than our needs and resources. So it could be used by many and so be enriched by their needs and contributions.

Many other projects are available. Check out the left navigation bar for a list of them.

Ownership of the products

Although the projects published here are hosted at resources kept by Digitalis all projects are provided with open-source licenses that prevent anyone to take ownership of your development efforts. It is our intent to help the Java community and receive their help in return, to built more and better software products.

The chosen license is the "New" BSD License. Read more about it here.

Up-to-date information

If you wish to see the latest news and API versions, still in development phase, please refer to the staging area of this site

All projects published here should comply with the QAG specification witch serves as a quality insurance guide and warranty.

We thank you for your interest and invite you to browse our projects.

The Digitalis development team.