Digitalis ORM Generator Plugin

ORM Generator is an Object Database Model Layer built by Digitalis.

ORM, stands for Object Relational Mapping.
The ORM Generator uses reverse engineering to analyze a given Database Schema and build a set of Data, DAO and Services Java Classes. These generated ancillaries can be integrated on any Java project.

ORM Generator is built on top of Hibernate and Hibernate Tools.

It is based on a reverse engineering tool from Hibernate Tools and provides a set of customized FreeMarker templates for the generation of the Java classes.

You can use ORM Generator 'as is' or you can customize it extensively by providing your own set of class templates.

The generated code assumes it will be used on a project that uses the DIF2 framework. Several dependencies exists for the model layer of this framework, since it provides several features we integrate in the generated model.

Where to start?

Check the FAQ section where you can find the project overview, common doubts and workaround tips.

The User Guide provides a more in-depth project coverage and an hands-on approach to the ORM Generator Plugin usage.

You can also use the JavaDoc for reference.

This project is compliant with the QAG specification witch serves as a quality insurance warranty.