SDK Install Guide

What is the SDK

The DiF2 SDK is a set of software tools and documentation for DiF2 developers.

You should find all the information needed to start developing on DIF within the SDK. If you find some information lacking on the SDK, please take the time to mail us with your proposals so we can improve this section.

You can find a full description of the SDK here

Install guide

The software needed to develop on DIF can be different depending on the style and habits of the developer.

We will define the needs in the following software pieces:

  • IDE - Developer tool for building the application code
  • Maven - Project management tools

We do not include the Application Server since it will be automatically installed by Maven.

We do not include other software like Source Control apps, or Browsers or Database tools since they are not mandatory and not needed for the following tutorial.

Installing the IDE

The IDE is very simple to install. Simply download it from the SDK page, unzip it and run your operating system specific starter script:

All plug-ins are already installed so only customization to your needs is needed but not mandatory.

Installing Maven

For the installations and obtaining the Maven tools you should go to the Maven site.

The direct links bellow will help you get there faster:

At the moment of writing of this section we use the 2.0.7 version, but there is no reason that any more recent version are not suitable.

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