DiF Dependencies

Library dependencies

The DiF project is divided in several modules.

Browsing these and looking into the Project Information -> Dependencies section you'll see a full list of dependencies.

We next post a list of the major library dependencies of DiF (not a full list, just the most relevant ones):

  • Javassist: Bytecode generation library for all of DiF's load-time code generation needs.
  • AspectJ: Aspect-oriented programming library
  • Hibernate: ORM library and tools
  • Google Guice: Inversion of Control by Google

Dependent projects

The DiF2 project has caused the creation of several satellite projects. Utility libraries we though should become independent of the DiF project.

Check these out on their on sites:

  • Digi-Utils - Several utilities like, Bytecode enhancement, configurations, LDAP, etc.
  • ISS - Intelligent Scheduling System
  • Logger - Logging tool
  • Others - A full list available in the development site home page

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