Programming Documentation

There are several resources for developers in the DiF project pages. These are distributed through several sections and several projects or project modules.

To facilitate the access to all this information we gather here the main topics of interest for a developer that wishes to know more about the framework and how to use it.

General information

For general information about the DiF project check out the commercial documentation section bellow.

Tutorials, Screencasts and how-to's

  • Simple tutorial: A tutorial that helps you get started from scratch to a fully functional and runnable DiF project
  • A list of all available Screencasts

User Guide

There is a User Guide online here.

Besides this guide you should also check out the JavaDoc documentation for each module anytime you need to:

Dependent projects

The DiF2 project has caused the creation of several satellite projects. Utility libraries we though should become independent of the DiF project.

Check these out on their on sites:

  • Digi-Utils - Several utilities like, Bytecode enhancement, configurations, LDAP, etc.
  • ISS - Intelligent Scheduling System
  • Logger - Logging tool
  • Others - A full list available in the development site home page

Getting Help

You can get help on the framework through these resources

  • Mailing list: Place any question here and you will surely receive an answer from the project developers
  • Wiki: You can use the wiki to search and contribute with any usefull info you may need/have
  • FAQ: Commonly asked questions. Will grow over time with your questions.

Commercial Documentation

Site references

For an overview of the DiF project we provide a common called "bird-side-view" set of pages that we advise first arrivals to read.

These are the following:


The DiF presentation created by Digitalis for presenting this project to potencial adopters.

You you plan to present DiF to your manager and need help doing so, please fell free to contact us and we may provide you with the presentation source in PPT format for you to use.