DIF Core - Digitalis Framework Core Module

DiF's functionalities and features are all described in the Features section.
Almost all of DEM are defined in the Core.

Bellow is a list of the main features:

DEM: DiF Entity Model and the Code Generation process.

Include several relevant sub modules:

  • Message Manager: Manages the messages available to all DEM entities (includes internationalization and customization)
  • Registration Manager: Manages the application registration access validation
  • Parameter Manager: Manages the parameter validations and life-cycle
  • CodeGen Module: Generates all additional code for the DEM entities


The Listener, ChAL and Dispatcher pack

Security, divided in three main modules

  • Identity Manager: The management of user, groups, their relationships, and attributes
  • Authentication Manager: The authentication process and tracking (includes a sub module: Session Manager for managinf user Sessions)
  • Authorization Manager: The access control management module for user access to DEM entities

Other tools

  • Exception Handling/logging: AOP Implemented set of tracking and logging of exceptions and
  • Logging: AOP Implemented set of tracking aspects for logging of all DiF's main modules

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