This page contains the source code and distribution of the DIF.

The official distribution can be obtained through Maven Repositories, but for a direct download or view of the source code this page may be useful.

Source Code

The full source code of DIF 2.1.6.

Download DIF source code

Note: The zip file above does not include the source of some dependant modules of the DIF project. These must be accessed via CVS. See Source Repository section on how to do this.

Package distribution

Maven Repository

All packages are available on the public Maven repository as instructed here.

We encourage you to use this repository since Maven abstracts the programmer on all dependencies and other concerns.

Direct downloads

The relevant released versions of DIF, including the current version 2.1.6.

2.1.6 Core Model Presentation Web App WAR
2.0.4 Core Model Presentation Web App WAR
2.0.0-Beta3 Core Model Presentation Web App WAR

Check out the changes log for more info on each version.

Note: The Presentation WebApp distro includes the required dif-core, dif-presentation and all other required modules (exception to the model module), so the presentation-webresources war is all you need.

Note 2: for those of you that do not use Maven, each of these modules have a set of dependencies that must be available (see the dependencies section on each module's web site for a list of them). At the moment there is no direct location where you can get a bundle with all of them, but you can get access to it by opening up the Presentation Web App WAR, since they are all included in it's the directory.