DIF Modules - Digitalis Framework Model Additional Modules

The DiF Modules is a set of modules that add functionality to DiF's default functionality set.

Presently the additional modules offered by the DiF project team are the following:

Authorization Manager Database implementation

Authorization management with persistency on any database backend.

DIF 1.x Integration

SSO, mixed applications and cross authorization management for DiF 1/2 applications.

Identity Management LDAP Implementation

LDAP support for identity management. Currently supports Active Directory and openLDAP.

Message Management Database implementation

Message management with persistency for customized messages on any database backend.


A reporting API fully integrated in DIF's features and usage.

Note: Naturally the DiF's open and modular architecture provide easiness of use for you to build your own modules and easily integrate them with DiF. You simple need to know which interface to implement, create a binding module class, bundle your java classes in a JAR and drop it in the class path. It is in fact "that simple"!

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