LDAP identity manager

LDAP identity manager is plug-in for DiF2 that provides LDAP integration with the identity manager .

Life cycle

Once the framework is started the code generation module read the DEM classes and processes the @AccessControl annotation. The user/group pairs supplied on the annotation are checked for existence on the Identity Manager. If they don't exist, the entries are created. Entities created from the @AccessControl annotation will be created one time only and will persist between framework start-ups. This happens because they are stored on the LDAP server.

A web-based management application can also be developed to create the entities on demand.

After the creation, the entities will live on the JVM as long as it persists or until they are removed explicitly (through the web-based management application, for example). The entities created from the @AccessControl annotation can't be deleted since they are default. The identity manager will prevent their removal. Those entities can be disabled, though.

Where to start?

The User Guide explains the main concepts behind the plug-in and shows some usage examples.

The FAQ section is a compilation of common usage doubts, tips and workarounds.

You can also check the JavaDoc for reference.

This project is compliant with the QAG specification which serves as a quality insurance warranty.

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