Change Log

This page shows the latest DIF releases main changes. This is a summary of main changes and not a full list.

Releases list

Here are the list of DiF2 releases that have been released.

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  • DIF 2.0.17 (03/04/2012).
  • DIF 2.0.4 (25/08/2011).
  • DIF 2.0.0-Beta3 (28/01/2011) (last patch DIF 2.0.0-Beta3-12 released in 05/05/2011)
  • DIF 2.0.0-Beta2 (28/12/2010)
  • DIF 2.0.0-Beta1 (13/08/2008)
  • DIF 2.0.0-Alpha2 (09/04/2008)

Releases change logs

DiF 2.0.17 (03/04/2012)

Production version. Pack of new features, improvements and numerous bug fixes. Represents a production ready version, running on more than 80 production sites after the quality assurance and performance tuning process.

This report refers to changes made between versions 2.0.5 and the current version 2.0.17.

  • Changes to the entities registration module, to support license types. At this point there are two types of licenses, the PREMIUM and STANDARD.
  • Send mail through with SSL through SMTP. This implementation supports all Java Mail API settings )
  • This version no longer supports Internet Explorer version 7! The supported browsers are IE8 and IE9, FX3+, Chrome & Safari. Whenever you enter a browser that is not supported a disclaimer os show allowing to continue. A special message is show for IE with Compatibility View wich translates into the unsuported IE7. This will help the user change the unsupported setting in IE.
  • Various usability enhancements such as reuse of empty areas of the screen (especially in the header)
  • Several new components and UI features
    • New DetailsForm component: Allows the binding of a form to a grid, allowing the editing of the record details for update and insert operation with absolutely no code
    • New ContentEditor component: WYSYWYG editor for Contents present in the Content Manager System.
    • New ProgressBar component: A graphical animated progress bar
    • Dialog component now acts as a Panel Container for all DIF2 panels (Panel, Grid, Tree, Accordion, PanelContainer, MultiSelect...)
    • New GridAction component: A Grid action.
    • New GridRowAction component: A Grid action for each Row.
    • New ColumnGroup component: Groups child Grid columns.
    • Export to Excel feature in Grid and Charts
  • PDF Digital signature feature bundled in the framework. Provides an interface to load the certificate, allowing visual settings such as the position of the signature in the document and the contact and location of the signer entity.
  • Enhancements to the LDAP API with added functionality

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DiF 2.0.4 (25/08/2011)

Production version.

  • LDAP Tuning. More data cache. LDAP load only at login time
  • Production ready Content Manager system (CMS) (database based)
  • DIFModel Dataset functionality now supports SQL Query based Datasets.
  • Recent browsers support: Internet Explorer 6.5 - 9 ; FireFox 2.5 - 5.0 ; Safari 5 ; Google Chrome 12
  • Dynamic Panels (richer layout components as tree, grid, panel and virtually all layout components can now be used inside any other, with dynamic binding one to the other)
  • Collapsible customized page areas (with optional session persistence). CollapsibleArea component
  • Major enhancements and pack of new features to the Chart component

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DiF 2.0.0-Beta3-12 (05/05/2011)

Third beta release on the road to the production version.
Packs of new features, improvements and bug fixes.
Represents a production ready version, running on more than 20 production sites after a quality assurance and performance tuning process.

  • CAS integration - Central Authentication Service
  • LDAP module tuning and several API extensions
  • Fully extensible SSO API added to DiF controller (for SSO management with external applications)
  • New layout components and templates, including animated menus and other gadgets
  • Production ready Rules and Flow engine
  • New module Content Manager system (CMS) - Preview version (database based)
  • Several new components and UI features
    • New layout components and templates, including animated menus and other gadgets
    • MemoField with file upload, word paste, tables and other features supported
    • ContentEditor, MemoField extension with CMS integration
  • New extension points for existing templates (add header menu items, left or right bar content or only menu items, etc)
  • Wider browser support: Internet Explorer 6.5, 7 and 8 ; FireFox 2.5, 3.0-3.6 ; Safari ; Google Chrome
  • Several new configurations for system pages, like: login, change password, registration, etc. (stages or external URLs)
  • Application deploy time initialization feature (for application custom startup processes)

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DiF 2.0.0-Beta2 (28/12/2010)

Second beta release on the road to the production version.
More than 2 years of intensive testing in production environments after the first Beta version. Packs of new features, improvements and bug fixes.
Represents a production ready version, running on more than 20 production sites after a quality assurance and performance tuning process.

  • Document types generator (non-HTML responses)
  • New modules:
    • Rules Engine and Flow - Preview version
    • Reports - JasperReports integration & API for direct generation of any content type (with helper classes for Excel and TextBased files)
  • Simplified Data Sets feature included in DiF Model, with presentation components integration
  • Annotation usage Validation reporting
  • AJAX support native on DiF
  • Several new components and UI features
    • MultiSelect: Two side by side grids. Available and selected with AJAX & Drag & Drop functionalities.
    • PropertiesEditor: Tree selector with property editor in side grid. AJAX support.
    • GridTreeSelect: A grid or table element with a tree element acting as a selector/filter for records to show in the grid.
    • Dialog: Dialog/window component for JS popup and AJAX rendering. Integrated with several components.
    • Wizard: Advanced wizard component with several rendering modes and full flow control.
    • Tree: Tree component with JS Dynamic version.
    • Footnotes: Footnotes functionality. Integrated with several components.
    • Footnotes: File upload functionality. Available as a Grid column or Form Field. Integrated with DiF Document Repositories
    • ajaxRequest: Generates an AJAX request handler.
    • serverProcess: Generates an AJAX request handler for a long server running, with progress report.
    • More AJAX enabled components. Flexible dif:ajaxRequest & serverProcess components
  • Improved components
    • Grid component: AJAX supprt, Live edit with Data Set integration
    • ComboField component: AJAX support
    • Input components: Dependency rules with dynamic disable/hide of dependent fields
    • Several others
  • Web client JavaScript API updated to ExtJS 3.1
  • Exception handler pages that DiF redirects to in case of error. (several bundled in DiF Presentation)
  • Stage overriding (including template/components overriding)
  • Memory based and Persistent Pool API integration, including:
    • Custom Mailing pool API
    • Registration pool for the user auto-registration feature
  • Administration interfaces (accessible to any user belonging to the Administration group)
    • Configuration Explorer for editing of all Configuration API configuration points (internal to DIF and all your application configurations)
    • User Registration Pool Manager (CRUD like)
  • Deploy auto-startup (DiF now starts up fully on the deploy stage, and not only on the first page access)

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DiF 2.0.0-Beta1 (13/08/2008)

First beta release on the road to the production version. The first candidate and base for maturing into the stable production release.
Not a release candidate for production yet, Beta2 will probably be the first RC. Stable for development and packed all the production features.

  • LDAP support for IdentityManagment (check out the ldap-utils backend project)
    • AD: Microsoft Active Directory
    • openLDAP
  • Database persistent AuthorizationManager
  • Page templates feature. Check out the documentation page here
  • Search feature for DiF pages content (accessed through a new component to insert on any page)
  • New components
    • Breadcrumbs: Navigation history
    • Actions: Custom actions utility with auto-implemented actions for Close, Back, Help, Print, Save, Send, etc...
    • Menu component
    • Search
    • Date/Time (static or dynamic depending on the view mode)
    • Radio Group: Groups radio buttons in several predefined and rich layouts.
    • Help: Provides custom/auto Help contents to a page
  • Improved components
    • Grid component: All modes implemented, grouping, column resolution, and beginning of live edit functionalities
    • Input components: Hints, Context Help, Context Error reporting added for all modes
  • DiF1 integration: Integration with the previous DiF version developed services
  • Several new help content on the site
    • Screencasts
    • User Guide: Many new content has been added. All "priority one" areas covered and several second line documented
    • Several new support sites linked on the existing pages for more in depth information
  • Several improvements and bug fixes

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DiF 2.0.0-Alpha2 (09/04/2008)

Second release on the road to a beta version. NOT a production release. Stable for development and packed with more features.

  • Several UI components releases. DIF2 now has over 25 UI components
  • Internationalization finished. With browser preferences support and a UI component for changing languages
  • JavaScript support added. A default implementation provided based on Ext 2.0, but accepts user provided implementations of any other JS lib.
  • Multiple UI modes available. Rich Mode (JavaScript), HTML Mode (no JavaScript), Accessibility Mode (W3C Level 1 compliant)
  • Parameter feature tested and perfected for concurrent access
  • Performance testing facility for pages load test available and first tests performed with excellent results (average 30-50ms/request). No tuning has yet been performed on DiF, so improvements are yet possible.

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