Description: An input element for file upload with the corresponding label.

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Remarks: Allows optional automatic saving of the uploaded document to the current DiF's document repository

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Name Description Data type Required Default value
id The id for the generated HTML input. String Yes -
dataSourceAttribute The corresponding data source field id for editable detailsForms. String No The value of the id parameter
label The label for the input. String No A message with the id identical to the given tag id, or, if non-existent, the camel-cased interpretation of the id
labelCSSClass A CSS class to apply to the HTML label tag String No -
readonly Render the value with a label, do not create an input. Boolean No False
noTabIndex If we want to omit the tab index attribute. Boolean No False
allowDelete Will render the delete action. Boolean No False
tip A tip for the current field. String No -
helpID The id of the existing help item to use as help for this field. String No -
mimeTypes A comma separated list of desired mimeTypes. See list of supported types String No All mime types
showPreview If true will show the preview of the uploaded file when already exists. Boolean No True
groupLabel Label text format and spacing normalization String No False


       <dif:textField id="someField" label="Some Field" />
       <dif:fileUploadField id="someFileField" label="A file" addToRepository="true" />

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