Project team

The DiF 2.x is an immense project that was build with few resources in record time. The project sponsor, Digitalis Informatica, here thanks the effort that all that were part of this project gave to it.

  • Pedro Viegas
  • Rodrigo Gonçalves
  • Luis Pinto
  • António Silva
  • João Galaio
  • Antero Santos
  • Carlos Patusco
  • Elza Raposo


Credit should be given to all those that created the DiF project, back in 2004.

The DiF project started out as an internal framework for usage in all Digitalis Informatica web projects.

This first major version of DiF was created by the lead developer and architect Ricardo Oliveira, and a team of dedicated professionals. We thank them all:

  • Ricardo Oliveira
  • Daniel Campelo
  • Luis Pinto
  • Hugo Palma
  • Elza Raposo
  • Pedro Viegas

The concept that was DiF 1.x is still very much alive in DiF 2.x. The later is basically a complete make-over of this concept with the technologies that appeared in this 4-year period and some new solutions to limitations that were identified along the DiF 1.x life-time.


The project team would like to thank the sponsor, Digitalis Informatica, namely, Jeane Zaccarão and Paulo Granja, for their vision and openness in sponsoring a project like this.

The release of this project with an Open-source license that they aproved enables the creation of an open community of developers that will surely allow the project to grow beyond what the current team would be able to.

Without them this project could not have become a reality.