DIF Presentation - Digitalis Framework Presentation Module

The DiF presentation Module is dedicated to the presentation Layer of DiF2. \

Presentation Layer composition

These are divided into three sub-modules:

DiF Presentation Core

These are the core functionalities like the Listeners, Helper classes to manipulate specific Channels request and responses, etc.

DiF Presentation WebResources

This is an HTTP/JSP based resource bundle. It includes several JSP implemented services for logging in, site map, etc.
Should be used as the main dependency to all Web Application built on DiF2.

DiF Core TagLibrary

A complete set of components for JSP pages. These are very complete in terms of functionalities and view modes.

See a full list here.

Presentation Layer features

Component Based

All stages in DiF can be accessed as a component. For JSP pages DiF implements this through a set of tags. See the component tag for more on this.

All stages have knowledge of the mode they are being rendered on and all DiF components react to this automatically.

ChAL abstraction and View Renderers

As we mentioned on the main DiF's features, the presentation layer if Channel abstracted.

We provide several View Renderers for each Channel.
These are the ones responsible for delivering the generic stage results in the Channel's specific protocol/format.

For the moment these are the ones we provide:

  • JSP View Renderer
  • JSON View Renderer
  • XML View Renderer

View Modes

Web pages can be view in three modes: Dynamic, Static and Accessibility. More on this here.

Page templates

Any DiF stage can be used as a template. These are thus dynamic templates, full featured. See more on this here.

AJAX Support

DiF Presentation layer provides automated AJAX support. More on this here.

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