Description: An action list element (collection of action instances).

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Body content: JSP content.


Name Description Data type Required Default value
cssClass The CSS class that to use for the container DIV element String No actions
align Alignment of the actions. Left or Right String No Right

Align values: Available layouts:

  • left: Left alignment
  • right: Right alignment


        <dif:actionItem type="send" />
        <dif:actionItem type="save" />
        <dif:actionItem type="print" />
        <dif:actionItem type="help" />
        <dif:actionItem stageID="mockupteststage" />
        <dif:actionItem />
        <dif:actionItem label="Test Grid" url="test.html" />
        <dif:actionItem label="Sample Page" title="Some sample page" url="page.html" newWindow="true" />
        <dif:actionItem label="Digitalis" url="" />
        <dif:actionItem stageID="mockupprivatestage" label="Private test Stage (always visible)" showWithoutAccess="true" />
        <dif:actionItem stageID="mockupprivatestage" />

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