Description: A multiSelect component is an integration of two grids. One grid will have the available items and the other the selected items. We can add an item to the second grid from the first or do the inverse action. We can also have a form to filter the available items.
A good example of this is a shopping cart where the stock represents available items and the cart the selected items.

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Remarks: This encloses basically two different grid components. It can also integrate with a form component, like the Grid also does.

Body content: JSP context.


Name Description Data type Required Default value
id The name (identifier) of the grid. String Yes -
noDataMessage Message to show when there are no rows to show. String No -
plainHtml Forces HTML table even in rich mode Boolean No False
idColumn The identifier for the id used in the Two Grids String No id
groupColumn The column to use as a group column. String No -
recordsperpage The number of records in each page. Can only be used with "ajaxEvent". Number No -
serversort Perform sorting on the server side. Only with "ajaxEvent". Boolean No Always true if recordsperpage is used
renderFootnotes Defines if footnotes are rendered on the element. Boolean No True
descriptionColumnId Defines the description column for selected values grid String Yes -
availablesDataSet Defines the available Grid dataset String Yes -
selectedDataSet Defines the selected Grid dataset String Yes -
addEvent Defines Ajax add event String Yes -
deleteEvent Defines Ajax delete event String Yes -
titleAvailable Defines available grid title String No -
titleSelected Defines selected grid title String No -
width Defines selected grid title String No -
idSelectedColumn If the id column for selected grid is different from the id from available grid String No -
descriptionSelectedColumn If we want to define a different text for the description column on selected grid String No -
enableDragAndDrop Defines if drag and drop is enable or not Boolean No False


View - JSP file

<dif:multiSelect id="shoppingCart" selectedDataSet="stock"
          availableDataSet="cart" descriptionColumnId="productName"
          addEvent="addProductToCart" deleteEvent="removeProductFromCart" >
        <dif:comboField id="category" options="${stage.categories}" />
    <dif:column id="productName" width="100"/>
    <dif:column id="price" width="100"/>

Stage - Class file

protected IJSONResponse getStockItems() {
        // This method will return all available the products not present int the cart
        // The list off productd will be filtered by form filters if we use a form

protected IJSONResponse getCartItems() {
  // This method will return all selected products in the cart

protected boolean addProductToCart() {
  // This method add's a product to the cart

protected boolean removeProductFromCart() {
  // This method removes a product from the cart

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