Description: A grid or table element. Very dynamic component that allows in-place editing, sorting, pagination, etc. Supports AJAX.

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Remarks: This encloses basically two different components. Since the Rich grid implementation is so dynamic, completely generated by JavsScript to get the full features we wished, the non-rich implementation of the component is much more featureless. Several features are unavailable in non-rich modes, like editing, sorting, paging, etc (this may change in the near feature, with a planned static implementation of many of these).

When no inner column components exist all fields from the data type will be used as columns. One the of data provider attributes must be specified. Either data or ajaxloader. The AJAX loader will defer to a static generation when in non-rich modes, you can ignore these concerns and use AJAX without care of the user envirionment.

Body content: JSP context.


Name Description Data type Required Default value
id The name (identifier) of the grid. String Yes -
title The title for the grid. String No -
data The method that provides the data for the grid. Map<Object> No -
ajaxEvent An AJAX event to load the data for the grid. In the form "eventID" or "stageID:eventID". String No -
serversort Perform sorting on the server side. Only with "ajaxEvent". Boolean No Always true if recordsperpage is used
noDataMessage Message to show when there are no rows to show. String No -
recordsperpage The number of records in each page. Can only be used with "ajaxEvent". Number No -
plainHtml Forces HTML table even in rich mode Boolean No False
multiSelect Activates multi-select for rows. IN DEVELOPMENT!!! Boolean No False
readonly Allows editing of the grid. Boolean No False
readonlyDatasource Generates an editable JavaScript store for the grid data. Boolean No True when readonly is True. False otherwise.
readonlyColumn Defines the column to dictate conditional row editing. String No -
delRow Adds a delete icon functionality. Boolean No False
groupColumn The column to use as a group column. String No -
renderFootnotes Defines if footnotes are rendered on the element. Boolean No True
exportToExcel Add a link to export the Grid data to Excel Boolean No False
autoRender Defines if the gris is rendered automatically. Boolean No False
enableDragAndDrop Defines if drag and drop is allowed. Boolean No False
dragAndDropText Defines the drag and drop text. String No -
renderInnerContentOnTopPanel Render grid's inner content, if existent, in a panel aligned to the top of the grid. Boolean No True
width Defines a fixed width for the grid Number No -
height Defines a fixed height for the grid Number No -


View - JSP file

    <dif:grid id="grid" title="Grid Sample" data="${}"
        noDataMessage="No services exist!" groupColumn="providerName">
        <dif:column attribute="providerName" />
        <dif:column attribute="applicationName" />
        <dif:column attribute="ID" title="ID" />
        <dif:column attribute="name" />
        <dif:column attribute="stageCount" />
        <dif:column attribute="registered" />

Stage - Class file

public class SomeStage {


    List<IProvider> providers;

    public List<ServiceRecord> getServices() {
        List<ServiceRecord> services = new ArrayList<ServiceRecord>();

        for (IProvider provider: providers)
            for (IApplication application: provider.getApplications().values())
                for (IService service: application.getServices().values())
                        services.add(new ServiceRecord(service));

        return services;


Grid component sample

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