Description: A Grid Action button. Defines a JavaScript action to add to a given Grid.

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Name Description Data type Required Default value
cssClass The css class to apply to the button. String No -
jsCode The JavaScript code to execute when the button is pressed. String Yes -
text The button text. String No -
tooltip A button tooltip. String No -


View - JSP file

    <dif:grid id="grid" title="Grid Sample" data="${}"
        noDataMessage="No services exist!" groupColumn="providerName">
        <dif:column attribute="providerName" />
        <dif:column attribute="applicationName" />
        <dif:column attribute="ID" title="ID" />
        <dif:column attribute="name" />
        <dif:column attribute="stageCount" />
        <dif:column attribute="registered" sortable="false" />

Stage - Class file

public class SomeStage {


    List<IProvider> providers;

    public List<ServiceRecord> getServices() {
        List<ServiceRecord> services = new ArrayList<ServiceRecord>();

        for (IProvider provider: providers)
            for (IApplication application: provider.getApplications().values())
                for (IService service: application.getServices().values())
                        services.add(new ServiceRecord(service));

        return services;


Grid component sample

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