Description: A menu component with extended features. Supports:

  • Links to stages and url's
  • Automatic access control to stages
  • Group access management to individual items through the groupListAccess attribute
  • Sub-menus
  • Automatically open external links in new window
  • Several layouts
  • Dynamic or static menus (depending of the availability of JavaScript (view modes)
  • Customizable menus, for administrators IN DEVELOPMENT !!!

JavaDoc: Click here

Remarks: All inner content will be ignored, except for inner menuItem components

Body content: JSP content.


Name Description Data type Required Default value
name The name (identifier) of the menu String Yes -
title The label for the menu box String No -
layout Menu rendering layout. pt.digitalis.dif.presentation.views.jsp.taglibs.layout.MenuLayoutType No pt.digitalis.dif.presentation.views.jsp.taglibs.layout.MenuLayoutType.MAIN
cssClass CSS class to add to the menu container String No -
iconImage Icon to use as the side bar image. For MAIN_SIDE_ICON type only No -
dynamicSubMenus Generate sub-menus collapsible Boolean True for TOP_MENU and NAVBAR (if at least 5 top nodes exist) -
editable Allow menu customization by administration users. IN DEVELOPMENT!!! Boolean No False
adminGroup Administration user group. IN DEVELOPMENT!!! String No Administrators

Layout values: Available layouts:

  • MAIN: Main menu for content areas.
  • NAVBAR: Smaller menu for navigation bars.
  • TOP_MENU: Main menu for headers or top content areas.


        <dif:menu name="main" title="Main menu">
        <dif:menuItem />
        <dif:menuItem stageID="mokupteststage" />
        <dif:menuItem url="/index.html" />
        <dif:menuItem label="Sites">
            <dif:menuItem url="" />
            <dif:menuItem url="" />

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