Description: A menu item component for specifying the menu options.

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Remarks: This component can contain inner menuItem components. In this case it is rendered as a sub-menu, and all attributes except label will be ignored.

Body content: Empty. All enclosed content will be ignored..


Name Description Data type Required Default value
id The component id to generate String No -
label The label for the menu item String No -
stageID The ID of the stage to link to. String No Default home page
parameters Stage parameters String No -
url The URL to link to. String No -
newWindow If the link should open in a new window or not. Boolean No True for external URLs, False for stages and relative URLs
showWithoutAccess Show even if the user has no access to the linked stage. Boolean No False
groupListAccess A list of groups to show this link to. String No -
toolTip the menu tool tip. String No -
popup A configuration string for popupMode activation String No -
groupLabel Label text format and spacing normalization String No False
cssClass CSS class to add to the menu item String No -


        <dif:menu name="main" title="Main menu">
        <dif:menuItem />
        <dif:menuItem stageID="mokupteststage">
            <dif:menuItem url="/index.html"/>
        <dif:menuItem url="" />
        <dif:menuItem url="" />

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