Description: A multi-purpose dialog window builder component. Supports:

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Name Description Data type Required Default value
id the dialog ID String No Auto-generated
type The Dialog type (error, info, etc) String No None. No icon.
title The title for the Dialog window String Yes -
width The width for the Dialog window Integer No -
height The height for the Dialog window Integer No Auto size
resizable If T the Dialog can be resized by the user Boolean No True
bindTo Allows binding of the dialog to an event of a given element, by it's ID. Notation: "componentID:event". String No -
panelContainer Declares the dialog as a panel container that will collect all inner panels and render them. Boolean No False
closable True to display the 'close' tool button and allow the user to close the dialog, false to hide the button and disallow closing the dialog. Boolean No False
noButtons False to hide all buttons even if there's configuration to show buttons. Boolean No False
stageID Shows the stage, importing all it's content such as HTML, CSS, scripts and javascript blocks. String No -
stageParameters The stage parameters to append to the stageID request. Values should be in URL format. String No -

Dialog types: Available types:

  • info: Information
  • warn: Warnings
  • error: Errors
  • tip: Tips


#1: Confirmation Dialog .
Confirmation dialog bind to a form and if button yes is clicked the form is submited .

        <dif:dialog title="Confirm operation" bindTo="formName:submit">
          <p>the following tasks will be executed:</p
          <p>Are you sure?</p>

      <dif:dialogButton id="yes", title="Yes, go ahead!" />
      <dif:dialogButton id="no", title="NO, please stop!" />
      <dif:dialogJSHandler>if (btn == 'yes') document.forms.formName.submit();</dif:dialogJSHandler>
      <dif:dialogJSCondition>document.forms.formName.fieldName.value == 'S'</dif:dialogJSCondition>

#2: Dialog rendering a stage content .
Dialog opening a stage with all its content: HTML, CSS, script, javascripts blocks.

    <dif:actions cssClass="actionsbuttons" align="<%=Actions.ALIGN_LEFT%>">
        <dif:actionItem type="<%=ActionItemType.CUSTOM.toString()%>" id="openAccessibilityPopup" url="#"
            label="Open Accessibility Popup"></dif:actionItem>

    <dif:dialog title="" id="includeAccessibilityDialog" bindTo="openAccessibilityPopup:click" height="768" width="1024"
        <dif:dialogButton id="ok" title="OK" />

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