Description: Groups the enclosed radioField components in a predefined customizable visual representation.

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Remarks: The layout can be selected from left layout radios on the left as lines, and options on top as columns.
Or top layout with radios on top as columns, and options on the left as lines.

The options must be provided in a List of Option objects.

Body content: JSP content.


Name Description Data type Required Default value
label The title for the current group. String No -
labelCSSClass A CSS class to apply to the HTML label tag String No -
options A List of options for all inner fields List<Option<?>> Yes -
border Draws a border (fieldSet) around the radio group Boolean No true
readonly Render the value with a label, do not create an input. Boolean No False
layout Selects the layout mode: "left" or "top" String No left layout. With readonly active it is always left!
legend Print legend? Boolean No False
description A description for the grouped items. Normally filling instructions. String No -


        <dif:radioGroup label="${messages.groupLabel}" options="${stage.lovs.optionList}">
            <dif:indentFields label="${messages.subGroup1}">
                <dif:radioField id="option1" />
                <dif:radioField id="option2" />
            <dif:indentFields label="${messages.subGroup2}">
                <dif:radioField id="option3" />
                <dif:radioField id="option4" />
                <dif:radioField id="option5" />
                <dif:radioField id="option6 />

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