Description: Creates a scope where all enclosed input elements are indented.

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Remarks: This component is relevant for indenting radioField items inside a radioGroup tag.

Body content: JSP context.


Name Description Data type Required Default value
label The label for the new group String No -
tip A tip regarding the current group of form items String No -
help A help content for the current group of form items String No -
groupLabel Label text format and spacing normalization String No True


        <dif:radioGroup label="${messages.groupLabel}" options="${stage.lovs.optionList}">
            <dif:indentFields label="${messages.subGroup1}">
                <dif:radioField id="option1" />
                <dif:radioField id="option2" />
            <dif:indentFields label="${messages.subGroup2}">
                <dif:radioField id="option3" />
                <dif:radioField id="option4" />
                <dif:radioField id="option5" />
                <dif:radioField id="option6 />

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