Description: Adds help items to the document container component.

JavaDoc: Click here

Remarks: Remember to enclose the help component inside the actions element so that the Help action is rendered.
Otherwise it will assume that there are no Help Items and so omit the Help action rendering.

Also take notice that help contributions are managed through component and template stages.
Each component has knowledge of the previous stage components executed help contributions.
The template stages are ran last by DIF controller, and as such have already all items available.
This should be the best place to place your actions component with the item help

Body content: Empty. All enclosed content will be ignored.


Name Description Data type Required Default value
id The id of the help item to add String Yes -
category The category to group this item into String No The current stage name
description The description String Yes -
details The details message String No -
url The external URL String No -
image The image String No -
largeImage The larger image String No -


           <dif:actionItem type="help">
           <dif:help id="Help test" description="This is a sample help item for testing" />
           <dif:help id="Another test" description="This is another sample help item for testing" />

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