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Target: Class annotated with @StageDefinition.

Description: Marks the stage eligible for navigation history recording. If this annotation is ommited the stage is NOT eligible for history recoding.

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Name Description Data type Required Default value
value The kind of recording that is performed by DIF's engine. String No By default it doesn't save the session. (CallbackType.SIMPLE)

Callback values: All types are defined by the CallbackType enumeration.

Possible values:

  • OFF: No history. this is equivalent to not declaring the annotation.
  • SIMPLE: Registers navigation history without parameters.
  • SAVE_PARAMETERS: Registers navigation history with the given parameters.
  • SAVE_SESSION: Registers navigation history with the given parameters saving the user session at this stage.


@StageDefinition(ID="aStageID" service="aServiceID" channel="http")
public class ListServices

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