Description: A collapsible area link activator.

JavaDoc: Click here

Remarks: Makes sence to use outside the containerArea component, when the activator link is located elsewhere on the page.
The containerArea can generate these links itself when they are contained in the area to control.

Body content: Empty. All enclosed content will be ignored.


Name Description Data type Required Default value
targetAreaID The id of the area to control. String Yes -
linkTitle the link(s) title for the show/hide action link. If the type is Toggle will support the notation 'showLink|hideLink'. String No Show|Hide
type The type of control action: show/hide/toggle String Yes toggle


    <dif:collapsibleArea id="area1">
        This is a simple content test
    <p>And here (<dif:collapsibleAreaLink targetAreaID="area1" />) you can toggle the area above!</p>

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