Description: An accordion layout container. A set of panels vertically arranged. Only one may be open at one time. Opening a new panel forces the closure of the currently opened one.
In non-rich mode falls back to all panels opened and vertically displayed.

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Body content: JSP content.


Name Description Data type Required Default value
id The id for this element String Yes -
title The title for the accordion container String No -
autoOpenFirstPanel Determines if the first element is open Boolean No true
width The panel width Integer No Auto
height The panel height Integer No Auto
align The panel alignment PanelAlignment No FIT


    <dif:accordion id="accordion" title="Accordion example">
        <dif:panel id="acc1" title="Accordion #1">
            This is a simple accordion test
        <dif:panel id="acc2" title="Accordion #2">
            This is a simple accordion test

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