Description: A panel to enclose content. Similar to an HTML div element, but with visual interactive representation.

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Remarks: When used inside a accordion or tabs, it simply determines the inner panels of these container components. The container component will render the content and not the panel.

Body content: JSP content.


Name Description Data type Required Default value
id The id for this element. String Yes -
title The title for the panel container. String Yes -
hidden If the panel is hidden at startup. Boolean No False
cssClass An optional CSS class to apply to the panel body. String No -
description The description for the wizard step. Ignored if used outside a wizard. String No -
enabled If the panel is enabled. It's ignored if not. boolean No true
accessible If the panel is accessible in the containing wizard. Ignored if used outside a wizard. boolean No true
width The panel width Integer No Auto
height The panel height Integer No Auto
border Render a border around the panel Boolean No True
split Allow a splitter to exists to resize the panels Boolean No True
collapsible Is the panel collapsible Boolean No False
collapsed Render the panel collapsed to start with Boolean No False
align The panel alignment PanelAlignment No FIT
stageID Shows the stage, importing all it's content such as HTML, CSS, scripts and javascript blocks. String No -
stageParameters The stage parameters to append to the stageID request. Values should be in URL format. String No -

#1: Simple Panel .
Simple panel with a title and text as content.

    <dif:panel id="panel1" title="The first panel">
        This is a simple panel test

#2: Panel rendering a stage content .
Panel opening a stage with all its content: HTML, CSS, script, javascripts blocks.

    <dif:panelContainer id="containerInclude">
        <dif:panel id="panelInclude1" stageID="<%=Accessibility.class.getSimpleName()%>"
            title="<%="Stage: " + Accessibility.class.getSimpleName()%>" align="<%=PanelAlignment.LEFT%>" width="20%" />

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