Description: A check list component with status feedback on each item.

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Body content: JSP content. (non CheckItem tags will be ignored)


Name Description Data type Required Default value
autoNumberPrefix Auto-inserts numbered prefixes to each item (taking into account subItem numbering. Boolean No False
autoBreak Auto-inserts line breaks after each subItem group. Boolean No False
mandatoryNote If one of the sub Itens is mandatory the message in this attribute will appear below the last sub item. String No -


        <dif:checkListItem title="Open the car" status="true" tip="It is not locked" />
        <dif:checkListItem title="Enter the car" helpID="You must always remember to fasten your seat belt" />
        <dif:checkListItem title="Start the car" status="false" error="You forgot the key" />
        <dif:checkListItem title="Drive away" status="false" />

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