Description: A check list item contribution.

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Name Description Data type Required Default value
title The title for the item String Yes -
stageID The stageID of the given item String No -
stageParameters The stage's parameters. Comma separated key-values. String No -
url The URL of the given item String No -
status The status of the item pt.digitalis.dif.presentation.views.jsp.taglibs.layout.CheckListItemStatusType No No status
tip A tip for the current item. String No -
helpID The id of the existing help item to use as help for this item. String No -
error The error for the current item if available. String No -
breakBefore Adds a visual line break before this item. Boolean No False
required Defines if the item is mandatory. Boolean No False


        <dif:checkListItem title="Open the car" status="true" tip="It is not locked" />
        <dif:checkListItem title="Enter the car" helpID="You must always remember to fasten your seat belt" />
        <dif:checkListItem title="Start the car" status="false" error="You forgot the key" />
        <dif:checkListItem title="Drive away" status="false" />

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