Description: An multi page layout container. A set of panels rendered in a common container, one at a time, with a vertical index. Similar to a tab container but with vertical tabs. Opening a new panel forces the closure of the currently opened one. \

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Name Description Data type Required Default value
id The id for this element String Yes -
height The height for the container. Will scroll inner contents String Yes -
activePage The default active page Integer No 1
title The title for the panel selection menu (can only be used when there is no index page) Integer No 1
layout The rendering layout. BOX or Menu String No BOX
hasIndexPage If the first page will be rendered as an index page Boolean No True


    <pageContainer id="pages">
        <dif:panel id="page1" title="Page #1">
            This is a simple pageContainer test
        <dif:panel id="page2" title="Page #2">
            This is a simple pageContainer test

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