Description: A tree component with colapsable elements.

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Body content: JSP content. (non TreeItem tags will be ignored)


Name Description Data type Required Default value
id The id for this element. String Yes -
autoNumberPrefix Auto-inserts numbered prefixes to each item (taking into account subItem numbering. Boolean No False
border Show a frame border around the component. Boolean No False
width Tree width Integer No Auto
height Tree height (with scroll if larger). Integer No auto
items The item list ListTreeItemDefinition No Inner TreeItem components
title The title for the tree String Yes -
collapsible Is the panel collapsible Boolean No False
collapsed Render the panel collapsed to start with Boolean No False
align The panel alignment PanelAlignment No FIT


        <dif:tree id="tree">
        <dif:treeItem title="First node" stageID="somestage" />
        <dif:treeItem title="Second node">
            <dif:treeItem title="Option 1" stageID="stage1" />
            <dif:treeItem title="Option 2" stageID="stage2" />
        <dif:treeItem title="Third node" stageID="anotherstage" />


Tree component sample

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